About us


Chirpy Chicks is a small local setting in the village of Gretton. We offer term time care and education sessions to children from age 2-4 years, including Northamptonshire County Council funded sessions.

Our setting is in the grounds of Gretton Primary Academy and is operated as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

Our setting is unique. It is a calm and exciting place for children. We do not have separate rooms for children according to their age, all children at Chirpy Chicks play and learn together. Older children benefit from helping to care for and spend time younger children, and the younger children have ongoing role
models to look up to and learn from. Siblings are able to share their experiences together, and parents can choose sessions to suit their own needs.

We have a wonderful outdoor provision where children can play in the trees and collect natural objects. We also have our own covered outdoor classroom and an open door policy where children can freely access indoor and outdoor activities whenever they desire.

Our proximity to the school offers a wonderful opportunity for children who will eventually attend the school to get used to the environment, and to familiarise themselves with the school, children and staff.

Older brothers and sisters daily visit their younger siblings over the fence. At the heart of everything we offer to children, their wellbeing is of the utmost important to us.

Chirpy Chicks is a happy safe place for children to thrive.